How to get there

By plane

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Lufthansa serves the Domodedovo International Airport in the South of Moscow. You can get from there to Moscow Centre by different possibilities: public transport, taxi or car.
A cheap and easy way is to use the Aeroexpress train which serves Paveleсkiy-Moscow (Павелецкий вокзал) and Domodedovo Airport. The duration of the journey is 40-50 minutes, a one-way ticket costs 300 RUB. For detailed information see From Paveleсkiy station you can go by metro or by taxi (see description below) to get to your hotel or to the VVC exhibition grounds.

The taxi fare is about 2100-2500 RUB from Domodedovo to the exhibition ground.

By the way: When your flight is leaving from Domodedovo International Airport, it is possible to check in already at Paveletsky station (for more information, please have a look at

There are still several international flights serving Sheremetyevo Airport. The Aeroexpress train goes directly from the airport to Belorusskiy station (Белорусский вокзал). The duration of the journey is 35 minutes, a one-way ticket costs 300 to 500 (business class) RUB. The train leaves every 30 minutes after the hour. For detailed information see From Belorusskiy station, you can easily go by taxi or by metro (Белорусская) to the Exhibition Ground or your hotel.

If you decide to go from the Airport by car, the average time you need to get from the airport to the exhibition ground is about one hour, without rush-hour traffic. Since the streets of Moscow are normally very crowded, you should allow yourself considerably more time – especially for your departure. Plan a minimum of two hours for your way to the airport. If your plane leaves during the rush hour (03:00-06:00 pm), it would be better to schedule 3 to 4 hours.

By subway:

From the Centre of Moscow, please take the orange line of the underground railway in direction north to the station “VDNH” (ВДНХ). From there, it is an approx. 10 minute walk to the Main Entrance of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre.

By car:

Use North 3 (Северный-3)  if you are arriving from the direction of Prodolny Proezd (Продольный проезд). Use entrance Khovansky (Хованский въезд) if you are arriving from the direction of ul. Khovanskaya (ул. Хованская). At the entrance, you have to pay 350 Roubles for the car admission ticket. Make sure you get this ticket when you enter to prevent confusion when you are leaving again.

Parking facilities:

Parking fees are charged in front of the entrances North 1 and North 2 (V’esd Sever-1 and V’esd Sever-2).
Parking is free of charge in front of the main entrance.
Parking is also free of charge within the exhibition grounds, following the payment of the car admission ticket.

By taxi:

Besides the professional taxi companies there are many hobby-taxi drivers. These taxis are generally not marked as such. Many cars parking on the side of the road with drivers who seem to wait for something. Before undertaking a trip with such a taxi, you should agree on the price with the driver. For example, the price for a transfer to the Sheremetyevo airport depends on your negotiating skill and the type of car and it will be between 1.500 and 2.000 RUB.

The safest way is to order a taxi in advance via your travel agency or the hotel reception.

In Moscow, there are numerous traffic jams and the arrival of the taxi can take very long. Therefore it is highly recommended to order the taxi a day before your trip. If you stay at the hotel “Cosmos”, we recommend you to ask the travel agency “Ariadna” for a taxi. You will find it in room 1321 on the 13th floor (Tel.: +7 495 411 91 96, Email: cosmos(at) Otherwise, please ask the staff at the reception of your hotel.