Banner advertising on the AgroTech Russia Homepage

Banner prices (net)

Form Size Placement Exposure Period* Price in Rub
Scyscraper 120 x 600 right-hand side, all pages 6 months 27.000
Button 120 x 90 right-hand side, all pages 6 months 8.750

*The prices listed above cover banner placement for a maximum of 6 months (3 months before and 3 months after the exhibition) on all pages of the website, regardless of language version.
If you do not order and therefore receive your banner until after 8 July 2010, it will not be shown on the website for the entire 6-month period. However, in spite of this reduced exposure period, the prices quoted will remain the same.
The banners are available in the two sizes given above. They are placed on the right-hand side of all pages on the website; the smaller version on the upper right-hand side, the skyscraper on the lower right-hand side. Up to seven companies can book one of the two banner versions. Banners rotate in a random sequence, however we guarantee that all of them will have the same fading time.
Files containing banner data have to be provided by the exhibitor. You may submit a three-language version of your banner or in three languages for the different language versions of the website.