Zubkov fosters the development of agricultural engineering

The Russian government press office reports that Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister, Viktor Zubkov, has commissioned the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the strategic development of Russian agricultural engineering. This involves a longer-term plan that will take it through to 2020 and a medium-term plan up to 2013. This came about in the wake of the meeting by the working group for technical and technological modernization of the agricultural sector on 18 August 2011.  The First Deputy Prime Minister announced that strategic development through to 2020 provides for a five-fold increase in the volume of agricultural machinery – from RUB 67 billion to RUB 350 billion. Production volume is scheduled to go up from RUB 36 billion to RUB 245 billion. ‘Russian and foreign manufacturers in Russia are to sell more than 65 thousand tractors and more than 9 thousand combine harvesters every year,’ stated Zubkov.

Zubkov then drove this point home by saying that ‘developments in the export sector also play an important role here. If these measures are rolled out effectively, the volume of exports can beincreased nine times over – from RUB 5 billion to RUB 46 billion.’ The development strategy was prepared and coordinated by the working group together with representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Association of Russian Agricultural Machinery Producers ‘Rosagromash’  and OAO ‘Rosagroleasing’. This strategy shapes the basic direction that developments will take in the agri-machinery sector and ensures this sector’s competitiveness. Priority objectives here include stimulating the demand for agricultural machinery, raising the level of agricultural machinery exports, modernizing production and fostering the competitiveness of Russian agricultural machinery.

Source: Interfax Selskoe khozyaystvo i prodovolstvie, No. 34 of 24 August 2011

Gomselmash opens works on the River Volga

The Belarusian agricultural machinery producer Gomselmash has opened an assembly plant for combine harvesters in the city of Uljanowsk on the River Volga. According to the local agricultural authorities, the plant has already received 50 orders from farmers in the region. The machines are only assembled to order, reported the Moscow newspaper ‘RuralLife’. But regional interest in Gomselmash combine harvesters is very high, because these Belarusian machines - that are assembled and sold in the region - are heavily subsidized and interested buyers have the option of a bank loan to make up the remainder of the purchase price.

Source: AgrarEurope