AgroTech Russia 2010 – Experts discuss trends in agricultural machinery import markets

During the first part of the presentation the current situation in agricultural technology markets based on a detailed data analysis and segmentation of customs statistics for a period of 12 years will be discussed. To give you a little preview, starting from 1999, agricultural machinery imports into Russia were steadily growing in size and value terms, except for a short period between 2000-2001, reaching record highs in 2008. In 2009 the number of imported units dropped against 2008 by 8 per cent, whereas the monetary value of imports went down almost to one-fifth of the previous level. Nearly half of all the agricultural machinery imports into Russia in the past 11 years occurred between 2007 and 2009. Three groups of technology – sub-soilers and cultivators; mowing and harvesting machines; and seeding-, planting machines and seeder-planters – account for 74 per cent of agricultural machinery imported during the said 12-year period. In recent years Russian importers have increasingly tended to buy cheep Chinese technology. In 2004 Chinese-made agricultural machinery represented just 2 per cent of Russian imports, whereas in 2005 its share rose to 13%, in 2006 to 19%, in 2007 to 22%, in the pre-crisis year of 2008 to 32%, in 2009 to 44%, and, measured by the first quarter of 2010, it reached 54%.

The second part of the presentation deals with the issues of operating imported agricultural machinery and suggests solutions.

Concluding, forecasts are offered based on the current import trends.