AgroTech Russia 2010 - Golden Autumn set to expand

The Russian Federation’s Agricultural Ministry has made a decision to expand the Russian agroindustrial exhibition ‘Golden Autumn’ and to change its name to the ‘Russian Agroindustrial Week’. The reason for this move is that the Agricultural Ministry wants to adopt a more pro-active approach to themes such as food security, agri-market stabilisation and support for agricultural producers whilst giving the Russian people the chance to make their own minds up about the current situation in Russian agriculture.The Russian Agroindustrial Week, which is scheduled to start on 1 October 2010 at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, will include the following events:

On1-11 October 2010 the event opens its doors. In the outdoor area of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre numerous stands will be offering regional specialities and agricultural produce from the whole of Russia.

1-4 October 2010–‘ Food from regions of Russia and abroad‘ in Hall 69 and a ‘Breeding Animal’ exhibition with livestock in Hall 32. This exhibition showcases the great diversity of foods from 60 Russian regions and a number of foreign countries. This event is primarily consumer oriented.

8-11 October 2010‘
AgroTech Russia’ –the international exhibition for agricultural machinery –and other aspects of Golden Autumn to take place as scheduled

Russia’s Agriculture Minister Elena Skrynnik will officially open AgroTech Russia. A range of technical and specialist events concentrating on current themes in arable farming will take place within the scope of this exhibition.
By restructuring the event and altering the dates, the organisers have moved yet another step closer to their goal of specialisation, thus further cementing AgroTech Russia’s position as a leading exhibition for agricultural machinery for the professional arable farmer.